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Art Update!!!!

2009-09-07 20:32:17 by lecherin94

I fanaly got a scanner so, I made an update to my drawings and the look a lot better
check then out!!!
this is my favorite one n_n
he is from mushishi....
leave some opinions please =D
aaaand.... yeaaaah.... check them out XD
viva mexico cabroneeesss!!! jajajajaja

Art Update!!!!

Drawing, and drawing....

2009-06-27 13:21:35 by lecherin94

Well... I started to submit my drawings to the art portal... and... I have nothing more to say XD
I just hope you like it and leave good comments of how can I improve my technice
Have a nice day n_n

New band!!!

2008-08-30 18:26:24 by lecherin94

Finaly I'm gonna make my rockband after months of seeking who can play guitar and singing!!!!

New User Page Header!!!!

2008-07-31 02:27:02 by lecherin94

I finaly made my user page header!!!!
It was pretty easy
just check it out

New Rockband!!!!!!

2008-07-22 16:29:50 by lecherin94

omg... my grandma gifted me 100 bucks to waste them in whatever I want
I love you grandma <3
so... I have bought this:

New Rockband!!!!!!

OMG I made it!!!!!!!

2008-07-21 22:13:13 by lecherin94

I made my first fucking omellet!!!!!!
heheh I'm glad of myself

check it out (its a little burned lol)

OMG I made it!!!!!!!